Cottage garden

Fountain area august 2
Specializing in drought tolerant and easy maintenance gardens. 
You can have a lush garden while conserving water. 

 I design with a  "Before and After Photographic Mockup" program.

Elliot before
Garden "before"
Plan B
Garden "Mockup Design"
Its simple!  I come to your site and take photos of the area to be designed.  I will also measure the area and check soil and sun exposure conditions.  We will discuss the type of garden you want.  I use that information and provide you with a 'photo mockup' of how the design will look, along with a detailed list of the plants in the design.  You or your gardener can work right from the photograph mockujp to do the installation (or I can also provide a drawing.)

  Drop me a note at annebirds@gmail.com to inquire about fees and details.