Mulch for weed control.

Mulch for moisture retention.

Mulch for soil enrichment.

Mulch for just plain old looking good!

Simply adding a layer of rich dark brown shredded bark will instantly transform the garden from scruffy to well manicured.  The dark color sets off the plants and erases imperfections in the understory of the garden bed.

Just about anything will work as mulch, depending on the style of your garden.

SHREDDED BARK:  (Note I said "shredded" -- I don't like nuggets and they don't look good over time.  But shredded bark has a smooth finish and doesn't scatter like nuggets.)  Use for these styles:

Traditional, woodland, Asian, shade garden, cottage.

Lavender pathway 

Shade bed    

PEA GRAVEL:  Cheap, classic, crunchy to walk on -- love this stuff!  Use in these types of gardens:

Formal, European, Asian, Parterre, Contemporary. Xeriscape


 Path 2

Boscobel herb garden



SMOOTH PEBBLES:  Although the rounded black pebbles tend to be a cliche in the Asian garden, they do look good in small quantities.  These rocks are also a striking contrast to light concrete in a contemporary garden. 


RIVER ROCK:  I love Del Rio and Palm Springs pebbles for their warm and varied tones of gold, cream, taupe and rose.  They give the same warmth to a garden that butter yellow walls give to a room.  Wonderful when there is brick in a garden. Try it for these styles:

Mediterranean, Southwestern, Coastal, Xeriscape, Contemporary.


Sedum and stone mulch 

Photo from Glorious Gardens by J. Heriteau

Stone mulch 2   

Photo from Glorious Gardens by J. Heriteau

Stone mulch 

Photo from Glorious Gardens by J. Heriteau 


DECOMPOSED GRANITE ("DG")  Great stuff!  Some people resist this mulch because they think it looks like dirt, but really, it doesn't.  It has a tight hard surface and a golden color that is a perfect look for a California native landscape or a parterred herb garden.  Use it for the following styles:

Southwestern, Coastal, Cottage, Formal, Xeriscape.

Fountain area august 2  

Coastal garden   Photo from Glorious Gardens by J. Heriteau

Path by Jamie and Marina 

Photo credit to Jamie and Marina