Df on garden 

 The director of the Smithsonian Gardens said this about Diamond Frost Euphorbia. "AMAZING!! I never really believe publicity hype around a plant until I have grown it... but this one lived up to everything positive you could say about it and MORE!! LOVE IT!!"

Well!  That's quite an endorsement.  And, I agree completely.

Diamond Frost Euphorbia is just about the best plant ever for softening and adding light to a garden.  Here in Zone 9, as well as in Zone 10, it is a perennial and blooms constantly.  (In other zones it is used as an annual.)

Here's what it looks like closeup: 

 Diamond frost closeup   

Diamond Frost grows to about 2 feet tall and wide.  From a distance, it looks just like a soft white cloud, but in reality its as tough as any euphorbia.  It takes sun, but also thrives in part shade, making it perfect for lighting up a dark garden area.

NOTE:  All euphorbias have slightly toxic sap; more an irritant than a poison.

Diamond Frost is also fast growing, and one small 4 inch container will grow to fill a two foot area within one season.  Because the plant is airy, its fine to plant it close with other plants to fill any empty space.

As you can see, Diamond Frost is also gorgeous in pots.

Diamond frost in pots 

I use Diamond Frost in both informal cottage style gardens, as well as formal styles.  Its white blossom and lushness are perfect for adding just a touch of softness to a classic classic shrub or topiary garden.