• Enough ledge stone, keystone block, brick, or railroad ties to construct a 7 foot diameter circle or square.
  • 200 cubic feet of premium planting mix
  • six 1.5 cf bags of shredded bark
  • 1 8 lb bag of GroPower Plus
  • 1 iron or wooden tuteur
  • 2 pots of English thyme
  • 1 pots of Lemon thyme
  • 1 pots of Lime thyme
  • 1 pot chamomile
  • 2 pots of variegated culinary sage
  • 2 pots of oregano
  • 2 pots of marjoram
  • 2 pots of rosemary
  • 1 pot of lemon verbena
  • 2 pots of tarragon
  • 6 pots of sweet basil
  • 3 pots of Provence or Grosso lavender
  • 1 package of sugar snap peas


Choose a 10 foot square area in your garden that gets at least five hours of sun a day.

Cut straight edges to outline the area, and spread gray gravel for a flat surface inside the outline.  If possible, create a paver or gravel path leading to the area.

In the center of the gravel bed, lay the building materials in a seven foot diameter circle, two layers tall (or if you are using railroad ties, lay in square one tie tall.)  In center of large circle, build a three foot diameter circle twice as tall as the surrounding circle (or 3 foot square with ties.)  Optional:  Create pie shaped sections with additional stone or brick.

Fill circles with planting mix.  Place tuteur in center of small circle.
Toss GroPower Plus on top of soil.

Plant herbs in any combination you like (but if you are using divided style, cluster the herbs within each section.)

Plant pea seeds around the tuteur.  (You can substitute beans, cucumber, or a flowering climber.)

Mulch with the shredded bark.

Water well and let bake in spring sunshine.  Serves dozens.